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2018 | 11 minutes 20 seconds

A struggling musician in a futuristic cultural fascist society finds an AI that help him become a Mozart of his time.

Cast: Ida Engvoll, Eli Frankel, Disa Ostrand, Stephen Rappaport.

Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama, Music, Action.
Director: Karl Thyselius.
Format: 2:1 6k @ 24fps. 5.1 sound.
Budget: $15,000 self funded.


Karl Thyselius.

This is Karl's first narrative short film. However, working internationally with clients like Absolut, Audi, Coca Cola, Nike, Philips and YSL, Karl has perfected the art of story telling over the last fifteen years.

Karl has single handedly created the idea, script, casted, directed, filmed, written the music, mixed, edited, graded and done special effects over the course of about a year. All shoots has been solo operations.

The Secret Chord short film is only a taste of a fantastic story universe, huge enough for a TV series. A script, plot outline and music has been developed and is already being pitched.

Karl's 107 awards and honors include:
11 Eurobest
9 Cannes Lions
8 One Show
6 Webby Awards
5 D&AD
5 Lovie Awards